The natural beauty of our city is a big part of the quality of life we enjoy. We need to protect and enhance the natural resources we have been blessed with. As your Mayor, I will ensure that Everett does its part to decrease pollution, maintain our park-like neighborhoods, protect quality of life, and ensure that big business is held responsible for environmental cleanup.

Keep Everett clean and inviting
We can our city more livable by picking up garbage and hazards such as needles and more aggressively addressing abandoned buildings and nuisance properties.

Improve Everett's parks
Everett has had limited funding available to develop new parks and maintain our existing ones. As Mayor, I want to prioritize the care of our existing parks and also try to expand our parks where possible. My first priority would be to expand parks in underserved neighborhoods and look at possibilities such as small pocket parks where neighbors can gather. 

Decrease pollution
I will work to reduce Everett’s carbon emissions and other pollution, with the goal of becoming a net zero emitter of carbon; integrating climate adaptation into the city’s forecasting, planning models, and developments; and building community resilience at the neighborhood level.

Take care of our trees
Trees make our urban environment more livable and beautiful. Trees can significantly cool hot urban areas. They also buffer sounds and offer important wildlife habitat. Studies have shown that our exposure to trees and nature can have positive psychological benefits. I support the City of Everett’s Tree Committee’s plan to draft an Urban Forest Management Plan and update the city’s Tree Policy to ensure that we are taking care of our valuable urban forest, which provides us with so many benefits when it is healthy and well-maintained.

Hold corporations responsible for environmental protection and cleanup
As citizens, we all do our part to maintain and promote Everett’s natural environment. We must ask the same of the businesses who operate here. I will ensure that companies like Kimberly-Clark are held responsible for environmental remediation and that environmental protection is a value that companies in Everett take seriously.