On the Issues

Everett is poised for prosperity, but for our city to prosper and grow, people first have to feel safe. My vision is to improve public safety and increase economic development by tackling the root causes that prevent progress, including opioid addiction and homelessness. I have experience bringing people together to find creative solutions to difficult problems. I will work across our community to bring jobs and investment, and improve our quality of life. No one will work harder for you.

When I became CEO of Cocoon House in 2011, it faced significant challenges. Today, it is a nationally-recognized organization that gets vulnerable youth and families back on their feet compassionately and cost-effectively. Cocoon House turned around because I brought concerned residents, businesses, young people, and others to the table to address the critical issue of youth homelessness in our community. Getting the homeless in homes, reducing opioid addiction, and making Everett the best place for small business in this state will require the same kind of leadership and innovation.

I’m running for Mayor of Everett because I’m passionate about making Everett's streets safer and its economy stronger. For our city to prosper and grow, we need to tackle the root causes hindering our progress. The opioid epidemic, crime, and homelessness are issues I am uniquely prepared to address, because I've spent my career working on them. It's time to make our streets safe and ensure that each person in our community has the opportunity to live to their fullest potential. 

Together, we can do great things for Everett. I welcome your support.



Cassie Franklin