‘Cassie Franklin is the strong leader Everett needs’ | A Letter from J. William Finley


We live in a great community. There have been some remarkable changes in the last few years improving the quality of life in Everett. New businesses are coming to town. A regional airport is starting at Paine Field. There are the beginnings of great new neighborhoods in the riverfront and waterfront areas. There is a vibrancy to the downtown area that has been lacking for many years.

We are not without our troubles. We are in an opioid epidemic. Homelessness and poverty are on the rise. We need to continue to embrace growth and revitalize our neighborhoods. We are at a turning point.

We need a strong proven leader in Everett. I support Cassie Franklin.

Cassie has demonstrated her executive leadership transforming Cocoon House, successfully raising $12 million for homeless youth. Cassie demonstrated her commitment with her work on the City Council, ensuring and promoting transparency and citizen engagement; implementing the streets initiative recommendations; supporting the Safe City Resolution; and increasing the focus on economic development for the city.

There are no quick solutions. They require unique ideas and partnerships to address ultimate causes. Cassie will work to solve these problems by thinking outside the box and looking for novel ways to address them. She will seek to partner with public and private organizations to create collaborative solutions.

Cassie is the leader the city of Everett deserves and needs as we face our ongoing challenges. Cast your ballot for Cassie Franklin, Everett mayor.

J. William Finley

Vote in Everett’s general election by November 7th. Ballots will be mailed in mid-October. Contribute here.