'Cassie Franklin is leader city needs Franklin a high-level leader' | A Letter from Tye Ferrell

The upcoming election is an important one for Everett; we are electing a new mayor. We need a mayor who is passionate about serving the community and has a track record of skilled leadership, collaborative partnership and fiscal responsibility. That’s why I’m voting for Cassie Franklin.

I am continually impressed by Cassie. She is business-minded, highly competent and hard working. She knows when to take charge and how to make tough decisions. She cares deeply about Everett and the people who live here and she takes the time to listen to and understand others. And she is grounded in a set of core values that includes integrity, responsibility and service to others.

As a councilmember and as CEO of Cocoon House, Cassie deals daily with the issues of homelessness, opioid addiction and poverty that plague our city. I know what a fierce advocate she is for Everett and the families and children that live here. She understands better than any of the other candidates how these issues impact our city and our lives and how we can address them head-on.

As CEO of Cocoon House, she guided a struggling organization to financial health and national recognition. Everett today, with its structural deficit, is in similar straits. Cassie has the experience we need to get our city’s finances in order and support local businesses.

Cassie has the executive experience and the character that Everett needs. Please join me in voting for Cassie Franklin this November!

Tye Ferrell