‘Cassie Franklin is best on homelessness issue in Everett’ | A Letter from Julie Willie Frauenholtz


Regarding the Oct. 8, 2017 letter concerning the Everett mayoral election, I agree a greater use of “triage” services to help the homeless is needed. However, triage is just one piece of a larger plan to support those who need help and best practices to make our streets safer for all. The only candidate with executive experience on these issues, and who can help immediately, is Cassie Franklin.

As a private citizen, CEO and recently as a City Council member, Cassie has collaborated with the city and county in several capacities to implement best practices that she is uniquely qualified to understand as the CEO of Cocoon House. Almost all homelessness can be linked to trauma, addiction, mental illness, housing affordability and lack of economic opportunity. As a result, we need a complete plan:

Triage and outreach for those in crisis; more detox beds and mental illness services; affordable housing, including low barrier housing; the opportunity for all to work at jobs that pay a living wage; economic development to support small and large businesses; and an Everett Police Department that is fully staffed and trained.

Cassie understands this balance and that is why she is endorsed broadly by social service and business leaders. Progress toward making our streets safer and helping the most vulnerable starts with electing Cassie Franklin.

Julie Willie Frauenholtz

Vote in Everett’s general election by November 7th. Ballots have been mailed. Contribute here.