'Cassie Franklin has the background Everett needs for mayor' | A Letter from retired Everett police chief Jim Scharf


Cassie Franklin was hired while I was serving as a member of the board of directors for Cocoon House. How fortunate for us and the community; Cassie was energetic, creative and able to challenge the norm. She was the obvious choice when it came time to hire a new CEO. Her vision for growth, ability to manage a very large team of staff, work with her board of directors and the community, while providing outstanding programs for youth, is truly exceptional.

When Cassie chose to run for a seat on the Everett City Council, it was easy for me to provide my support. Now, as she campaigns for mayor of Everett, it is my pleasure to once again support her. I value public safety and a mayor who supports this vital role of government. Cassie, as chair of the City Council public safety committee, has been effective and supportive to the mayor and police chief in dealing with homelessness, opioid addiction and crime in general. Her experience in the non-profit arena regarding youth homelessness, as a city council member and working with all sectors of the Everett community, provide the background that the citizens of Everett need for their next mayor.

I am proud to place my name along with that of Mayor Ray Stephanson and former County Executive Bob Drewel, in support of Cassie Franklin as Everett’s next mayor.

Jim Scharf Sr.
Retired Everett police chief and Snohomish County sheriff

Vote in Everett’s general election by November 7th. Ballots will be mailed in mid-October. Contribute here.