'Cassie Franklin has the skills Everett needs' | A Letter from Roger Neumaier


Everett has had the benefit of two outstanding mayors during the past two decades: Ed Hansen and Ray Stephanson. Each was not afraid to make tough decisions and set visionary courses required to advance the city as they guided it forward while carefully managing its fiscal framework. As a result, Everett has grown in stature and the quality of life for its residents has increased. Having served as the finance director for the county during the Great Recession, I recognize the importance of good fiscal management in the face of a complex and challenging economy.

I write in support of making Cassie Franklin the next great Everett mayor. Cassie offers Everett an unusual combination of civic commitment and excellent management skills. Those qualities will serve Everett well as it continues to balance necessary fiscal discipline with the desire to achieve exciting progress.

As a businesswoman running a non-profit, she has demonstrated skill as a visionary leader pursuing important social goals. As a city council member, she has represented the best interests of the city as it battles with the challenges of the 21st century. That includes when she, along with her opponent, pushed for city council districts. But Cassie recognized that the framework for council districts should and can be improved. Cassie has committed to seeing a council district plan approved and implemented during her first term as mayor.

Like Hansen and Stephanson, Cassie will focus upon making the best decisions for the city. She will have the courage of her convictions. She will be honest. She will be bold. And she will tell it like it is. The end result of her tenure will be progress that balances the desires of those within and close to the city with the fiscal realities that we all know the city faces.

Everett needs Cassie Franklin.

Roger Neumaier

Vote in Everett’s general election by November 7th. Ballots will be mailed in mid-October. Contribute here.