'Cassie Franklin is a proven leader' | A Letter from Dr. Elizabeth Marshall


We are fortunate to have more than one qualified candidate running for mayor of Everett, but I believe there is one whose experience and vision will promote the best growth, quality of life and safety for all of our citizens, from all walks of life. That person is Cassie Franklin.

I worked with Cassie while on the board of Cocoon House ten years ago, before she was the executive director — a position she has now held for six years. At that time, I was impressed by her commitment to the cause of homeless teens, and her vision. In the ensuing years I have watched her grow as a leader, community member and visionary. Under her leadership Cocoon House has flourished. It is financially far better off than it was, with enormous support from the community. Cassie oversees a $5 million annual budget, runs 28 programs for homeless youth, and nearly 100 staff. Countless kids have been given a future and a hope because of Cocoon House, and countless parents have been helped in communicating with their teens.

In this work, Cassie has interfaced with the educational system, the health care system, drug and alcohol programs, the business community, the police force, the mayoral office, the city council and social services in the Everett community — and also, in terms of homelessness, nationally. I do not think the other candidates match Cassie’s level of experience in this regard.

As if that were not enough to qualify her as an excellent candidate, Cassie also serves currently on our city council and is the president of the South Everett/Mukilteo Rotary. These experiences greatly expand her candidacy as someone who understands both the operations of the city and the economic issues facing south Everett. In addition, as we face the opening of an airport and an expanded ferry terminal in Mukilteo — both of which may impact traffic and quality of life issues for our citizens — having business relationships with our neighbor city to the south is invaluable.

For these reasons, and because I know Cassie as a person of integrity, deep passion and commitment, I believe she is our best candidate for mayor.

Elizabeth Marshall

Vote in Everett’s general election by November 7th. Ballots will be mailed in mid-October. Contribute here.