'Cassie Franklin shares my economic goals' | A Letter from Shean Nasin


Upon completion of the primary, and believing in my message, I asked myself, “how can I stay involved?” The answer was obvious; to support the person who best shares a vision and plan for Everett that includes economic development and safe streets. I owed it to those who voted for me to support the right person. So, I met and talked with both candidates twice, met and talked with over 20 other citizens of Everett, some my supporters, some Judy Tuohy’s, and some Cassie Franklin’s. After weeks of deliberating, it was clear, Cassie was the best choice and she was the only candidate with a plan.

When Cassie reached out to me, the first thing she mentioned was I had a strong economic development message, and she wanted to hear more. This told me she wanted to include elements of my plan in hers, and most importantly for me, I wasn’t just there for an endorsement. I felt like she was listening. I also learned we had similar leadership styles. Find people with talent and quality, and then figure where they fit on your team. Many successful organizations today follow this principle, and after listening to Cassie it became no surprise why Cocoon House keeps getting stronger and stronger under her direction.

Cassie is smart, open-minded, and brings a fresh perspective to the mayor’s office. Everett is at a pivotal moment in its history, we need someone who will think “outside the box” for solutions to today’s complex issues. Cassie is the right person to move Everett forward.

Shean Nasin

Vote in Everett’s general election by November 7th. Ballots will be mailed in mid-October. Contribute here.