'Cassie Franklin would be a good partner for schools as Everett mayor' | A Letter from Traci Mitchell


I support Cassie Franklin for mayor of Everett.

The city of Everett has been an important partner with the Everett Public Schools for many years. It is through strong communities that strong schools succeed. Everett Public Schools strives for a 100 percent graduation rate and to eliminate barriers to each student being college and career ready; it is through our partnership with the city of Everett that we will meet our goals.

Even with our county’s low unemployment rate, we are still seeing homelessness as a key issue in our community and schools. At Cocoon House, Cassie Franklin has worked tirelessly to aid in breaking the cycle of homelessness in our county. Cassie Franklin has shown her leadership ability through her executive position at Cocoon House and while serving on the Everett City Council.

Cassie Franklin has acted on many urgent and long term needs and goals of the city of Everett. As mayor of Everett, Cassie Franklin would continue her service to the Everett community. I serve on the Everett Public Schools Board of Directors and it is my hope that those who support our schools will support Cassie Franklin for Everett Mayor as strong cities are needed for student success.

Traci Mitchell

Vote in Everett’s general election by November 7th. Ballots will be mailed in mid-October. Contribute here.