‘As a lifelong Democrat, I urge you to vote Cassie Franklin for mayor’ | A Letter from Sharen Rojas

In this time of such divisive politics at the national level, I am supporting Cassie Franklin for Everett mayor as someone who can bring Everett residents together.

As a strong, lifelong Democrat and active labor leader, I urge everyone, including my fellow Democrats and friends in the labor movement, to vote for Cassie – someone who will work with us and everyone in Everett to make Everett an even better place.

It is a shame that some voters are taking the fact that one of their own is interested and willing to work with Everett residents of all political stripes as a knock against her.

I want a mayor who is willing to work with and seek support from all in Everett and not just confine themselves to a narrow base of political support. We tend to come up with the best solutions when we work together.

Voters long ago decided that keeping local elections non-partisan was the best way to run our local governments. To somehow see it as a negative that Cassie Franklin is following that practice is misguided. What we don’t need is more partisanship in local government.

Vote for Cassie Franklin for mayor of Everett.

Sharen Rojas

Vote in Everett’s general election by November 7th. Ballots have been mailed. Contribute here.