'Everett & Snohomish County need Cassie Franklin' | A Letter from Dana Smith

Over the past month I have had the opportunity to get to know Cassie Franklin. As someone who has lived in Snohomish County since 1976, I can say this: Everett is kind of a big deal in Snohomish County. We may believe our little city or town is better, but at the end of the day, the city of Everett is still kind of a big deal.

And, that means the choice of mayor for Everett is incredibly important to everyone in Snohomish County. I pick Cassie Franklin.

Cassie Franklin understands: businesses provide jobs; businesses provide tax dollars to fund social programs; and businesses provide tax dollars that take pressure off the shoulders of homeowners.

Cassie Franklin believes:

  • we need to care for our most fragile citizens with dignity and respect – the elderly; those with special needs; those with serious disabilities;
  • we need to demand our students are ready to hit the ground running;
  • we need to set goals to solve problems, and achieve them; and
  • we need to create an environment of community and compassion with everyone welcomed to the table.

Cassie Franklin is smart, strong, kind and hardworking.

Cassie Franklin sees:

  • citizens as individuals and equals, not just members of this party or that
  • solving problems is more important than grandstanding; and
  • we all have a right and a responsibility to leave things better than we found them. 

Everett needs Cassie Franklin. Snohomish County needs Cassie Franklin.

Dana Smith

Vote in Everett’s general election by November 7th. Ballots have been mailed. Contribute here.