‘Vote for Cassie Franklin for mayor of Everett’ | A Letter from Lyle Ryan


Fourteen years ago, I had the privilege to support Ray Stephanson as he ran for Mayor of Everett. He brought leadership and stability to our city. With his direction, a community was created that has provided for a healthy family and business climate, which has given the citizens of Everett an elevated quality of life.

We are now faced with the opportunity to elect an individual that will build upon his legacy. Mayor Stephanson encouraged Cassie Franklin to run for Mayor. I fully support his thoughtful endorsement of Cassie Franklin and would like to share my experience working with her.

When Cassie first joined Cocoon House, she held the position of Development Officer. Cassie’s passion and ability proved immediately to be invaluable to the organization. Through direct contact with the public and outreach to philanthropic entities her leadership provided the financial footing for the agency to expand its outreach to more kids in need.

When she was asked to take over as CEO, there were changes that needed to take place – not popular or easy decisions at the time. She made tough budget decisions and provided the organization with a visionary plan for the future. Cassie’s leadership has brought Cocoon House to new levels - most recently she raised $13.5 million dollars which will allow for a new building to continue providing services to one of our most vulnerable populations.

Cassie Franklin will bring these same leadership qualities to our city as our next Mayor.

Lyle Ryan

Ballots must be postmarked by Nov. 7 or dropped at a Ballot Drop Box by 8:00 p.m on Nov. 7.