Public Works & Infrastructure

Public works and infrastructure may not be sexy, but they’re the foundation–literally–of everything that happens in Everett! I will work to upgrade our City’s aging systems and make much-needed repairs to our roads. I will also focus on creating more inviting, beautiful spaces in our city to improve quality of life, public safety, and business.

Create inviting places
Good urban planning and design make the difference between a place—a street, plaza, park, or urban core—that is inviting and safe and one that is not. And well-planned cities and urban places attract developers, creatives, investors, and businesses. With targeted investments and good planning, we can revitalize Everett’s downtown and make Broadway, Evergreen, and Everett Mall areas more walkable, inviting and better places to live.

Support multimodal transportation improvements
Transportation within Everett and to and from our city is vital to support our growing economy and population. We need to consider all modes of transportation, from cars to walking, as well as the freight needs of the Port of Everett, Boeing, and other businesses.

Sound Transit: As Mayor, I will push for early completion of the Sound Transit Light Rail to Everett and ensure that Everett takes advantage of the development opportunities that light rail will bring.

Everett Transit: I will also work with Everett Transit to ensure routes and timelines serve workers, students, and other transit riders as well as possible. As transit options increase, we need to increase transit connectivity, so that people who depend on transit can get where they need in a timely manner.

Biking and walking: Last, but not least, we need to do everything we can to make Everett safe and enjoyable to walk and bicycle. That means prioritizing safe sidewalks, bike lanes, bike trails, and other bike infrastructure.

Upgrade our aging water infrastructure
The continued upgrading of our city’s aging water and wastewater infrastructure is critical for health and safety. Taking care of our investments in Spada Lake and Lake Chaplain will help secure the future water supply for Everett and the region. We also need to be planning for a changing climate. Addressing our wastewater system will reduce flooding and damage from inclement weather events and protect Puget Sound from pollution.