Transparency & Civic Engagement

Whether as community volunteers, first responders, or concerned neighbors, we take care of each other in Everett. I believe this spirit of caring and involvement has enormous potential. Together, let’s ignite a new spirit of community action and engagement and work together on solving community-level issues.

Improve neighborhood outreach
As Mayor, I will increase funding for local community-led projects that make neighborhoods safer, more attractive, and livable through the Neighborhood Grants program. I will support citizen empowerment efforts and education programs. I will make sure all neighborhoods have access to information, resources, and attention from City Hall.

Listen to our citizens!
Too often, the city reaches out for feedback only after decisions have been made. I support increased transparency and citizen input on city plans and projects. I also support creating Youth Council, Senior Council, and other advisory groups that will help keep city government informed on citizens’ priorities.

Increase social capital
Knowing our neighbors, volunteering locally, and being engaged socially in our communities makes us all stronger. Research has shown that places with strong social capital respond better and recover more quickly from disasters. They are more desirable places to live, because people are more likely to join together to improve their community and to address problems proactively. As Mayor, I will work with you to encourage neighborliness and community connections in all our neighborhoods.